The Company

Dragon Coating Limited (DCL) is an award-winning company recognized for its ingenuity and dedication to the invention of nanometre-scale thin coatings onto various metallic materials with knowledge of physics, material science, photonics, and optoelectronics. The beneficiary compositions of these coatings, such as sapphire, can provide extra protection against abrasion and rusting to various products, which is essential in metallurgy, luxury and other industries.

The DCL team consists of material scientists, engineers and business development professionals. Our team are striving to bring the best technology and protection to our customers.

The Founders

DCL is co-founded by Professor Kok Wai Cheah and Mr. Raymond Mok.

Professor Kok Wai Cheah

Professor Kok Wai Cheah is the Head of Physics Department and the Institute of Advanced Materials (IAM) at the Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU). He is a leading photonic scientist and his contribution towards optical properties of plasmonic, organic light-emitting devices (OLEDs), and nano-structure thin film materials is highly recognised and credited.

Mr. Raymond Mok

Mr. Raymond Mok is an industrial guru who has in-depth knowledge of watch manufacturing. Apart from being the Managing Director of Dragon Coating Limited, Mr. Mok is the Vice President of the Hong Kong Watch Manufacturers Association (HKWMA) and is influential in the industry.

The Story

Professor Kok Wai Cheah started experimenting with sapphire material properties and has been searching for ways to improve the [toughness] and hardness of various material surfaces, where environmental factors such as minimizing pollution as well as improving the fabrication effectiveness are all taken into account.

The research has been paid off by winning of Grand Prix Award of Geneva International Invention Exhibition. The state-of-the-art technology allows manufacturers to apply the ultra-thin protection layer to their products and it is well adopted to glass and mirror finished materials when launched to the market.

Moving forward, Professor Cheah has invested time and effort heavily in new surfaces (material substrates) researches, photonics science and process analytics across the marketplace in order to enhance customer experiences as well as to apply the technology to metals and others material.

With more than 16 years of cumulative R&D and industrial experienced knowledge, we believe sharing our success and experiences can achieve higher value to the manufacturers worldwide.

Dragon Coating offers an unmatched precision with flexibility and strength. Our unique sapphire coating solutions enable our customers to reach the next milestone of production.

Going forward, we are committed to provide the “finest and best” technology to the market which is not limited to the coating of valuable watches, jewellery and ornaments but also be applicable to resolve scratches and abrasion on other surfaces such as metal and plastic surfaces that are in daily use.

Patents & Awards

  • * U.S. Patent Number: US 9,695,501 B1;
  • * U.S. Patent Number: US 2016/0024639 A1
  • * PCT Patent Application NUmber: PCT/CN2015/089413

Tapping into daily life of all people yearning to feel carefree to all of your valuable luxuries, DCL strives to provide protection and preserve value.

To apply a world class nanometre-scale sapphire coating technique to various substrates, will create a valuable thin-film fabrication for various industries.