DCL strives to exceed the expectation of each project we work on.

Durability, Performance, Colour

Anti-Scratch, Anti-Abrasion, Anti-Corrosion, Anti-Oxidation

Anti-Fingerprint, Anti-Allergy, Oil Stain Proof, Tough as Sapphire

We invest in our facility, technology and staff. We take great pride in offering the combination of today’s most advanced protection technology with customised services you can rely on.

DCL is applying the knowledge to photonics and metallurgy.
Let's start our journey in manufacturing.


Watch Industry

  • Watch
  • Bracelets
  • Case
  • Crown
  • Buckle


  • Necklace
  • Ring
  • Earring
  • Bracelet


  • Electronic Devices, Tablet Pc's
  • Shoes, Bags, & Accessories
  • Writing Instruments
  • Name Card Holders
  • Executive Desk Sets
  • Eye-Wears
  • Kitchenwares


DCL works closely with architects and designers in bringing concepts and designs into manufacturing. We provide professional advice on suitability, protectivity and finishes.

Our professional services range from decorative showpieces to functional units that blend into the design scheme from prototyping to mass production.

Our Expertise

Structure design: We design structures of thin layer materials based on each customer's needs. Whether the samples need extra protection with greater hardness or with anti-scratching capabilities. We perform software simulations to design prototype structures to meet these goals.

Fabrication: We put our structurally designed materials into our R&D labs using one or more sputtering PVD facilities. Our team will regularly inspect the samples and iterate the fabrication process to optimise each customer's needs.

Testing: In order to confirm whether the samples fulfil individual requirements, we perform various tests on the samples. These tests cover optical, abrasion, hardness tests and so on and multiple ASTM standardised tests are applied to reach current, state-of-the-art industrial standards.

Scratch Tester
Abrasion Tester